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View Diary: Happy Abramoffukkah! Jack Could Implicate 20 Lawmakers, Tuesday Announcement Possible UPDATE 3 (247 comments)

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  •  Get ready, there is much more to come... (none)
    With this announcement the race is on to make deals, retire, etc. before the details emerge.

    The thing about the Abramoff scandal so far is that only a few details have emerged. The Tribal scam was big, but there were dozens of others. The real hunt is for the evidence of pay-for-play deals.

    That is what Jack can spell out.

    Yesterday's Washington Post Abramoff article was filled with foreshadowing of what's next. I pointed some of it out in this Diary.

    The tribes were a source of easy money. The real corruption was around other areas. Jack had some favors to ask of his Congressional pals for his shadowy clients from Saipan to Russia to Pakistan to China and other dark corners of the globe. Perhaps he is getting ready to talk about these deals before somebody else does.

    Jack had a bit role in the Iran-Contra scandal. That was moving drugs, weapons and money around to create off-the-book operations, entities and sources of funds.

    Jack's innovation was to add gambling as a fourth leg to the money laundering scam.

    In the 90s money bought power (for both parties) in DC and Jack knew how to flood the zone. Now he will have to explain it all.

    Somewhere, Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed and a host of other sons of Reagan are shitting large hard bricks tonight.

    Their time is coming. We need to keep the pressure on!

    •  Anyone looking into the connection to South Korea? (none)
      There was a shady dealing with South Korea. Delay, Doolittle, and others were involved in this one. They got in some hot water due to the trip they took to South Korea. According to a recent Sacramento Bee article, Julie Doolittle's company handles the South Korea account. This is the same company that was hired by Abramoff to do fund raisers for his Capital Athletic Foundation - a congressional wives club perk. Anyone have more information on the South Korea connection to Abramoff & the Corrupt Congressional Gang?

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