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View Diary: Prosecutors make Abramoff an offer he can't refuse (40 comments)

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  •  There's another way (none)
    first off, no bush nominee will make it out of the Senate

    and just to cover all the bases, you have to consider that 14 repuglicans will join the democrats in a deal to elevate a new Representative to the Speaker's Chair, Impeach Cheney, and Impeach bush, making the new Speaker next in line to the presidency

    a deal on a "Reform" Speaker and a discharge petition for impeachment is the best way for the repuglican party to save what little credibility it has left

    Ben Masel had proposed a repulican name for the speaker when he first offered this idea, but I can't remember who it was

    I think this type of deal is the most probable

    •  More likely (none)
      given the craven nature of the House and Senate powerplays...

      If Cheney went down and it was clear that Bush and Hastert were soon to follow then an agreement would be reached (not easily) on a compromise "caretaker" member of the House to be "nominated" by bush and confirmed by the Senate as the new Vice President. This "caretaker" would be a Gerald Ford or Bingo Bob. Someone that would not be threatening to those Senators and Representatives with Presidential aspirations of their own. Either a milquetoast candidate or an aging one that would not run for re-election but would mearly keep the Presidential seat warm.

      From the age perspective Sen. Byrd would be perfect but perhaps Sen. John Warner would fit the bill? Haven't really thought it through potential candidates for the caretaker role.

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