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View Diary: UPI: U.S. Tells NATO Allies to Prepare for Iran Strike (20 comments)

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  •  The attack (none)
    has only one purpose. That purpose is to create a massive wave of protest and rioting in America so that the Dominionist will have the justification to declare Martial Law in order to restore "the Peace". Of course this will result in a round up of all suspected dissidents, a crack down on all communication systems and a military presence in every American city.

    Politician's in Congress will create a Constitutional Crisis by defying The White House which will result in calls for drafting of a new Constitution during which time all elections will be suspended as the government is thrown into chaos.

    Does anyone really believe for one second that after all that has happened that this bunch is going to allow the election of 2008 to occur since it is already apparent to anyone that they are going to lose complete control of The White House, Senate and House. From their point of view they have nothing to lose so they might as well go for it all.

    Nothing has stopped them so far. This is the only real purpose of an attack on Iran or Syria. Expand the War to a World War and destroy America. Remember these people are of the wreck it and run business model.

    Nothing else explains the events of the last 5 years but this scenario. It's called a Coup de Main.

    •  Or cover up de Main (none)
      The crime of the century is driving them, I think...
    •  Your second paragraph (none)
      is wrong: Congress will approve further unconstitutional powers for the President, just as it did with USA-PATRIOT after 9/11 and the back-door war authorization right before we attacked Iraq.

      Oh, and attacking Iran will put Bush's approval ratings back in the stratosphere for as long as we seem to be "winning."  Americans have never met a winning war they didn't like--it's a great collective adrenaline rush, and thrilling TV.

      The rest of your prediction is quite probable.

      •  Wrong? (none)
        Where have you been for the last 5 years. In case you haven't noticed no one in Congress has really offered any meaningful opposition to acceding power to the Executive Branch. Congress is responsible for creating the environment which is putting the Constitution at risk. This has allow the executive branch the perception to believe that it can operate outside the Rule of Law without any accountability. Congress did this with full knowledge of exactly what they were doing.

        Now when it appears that the executive branch has gone beyond all the rules and is in fact making the rules it is only now that you see Congress objecting to what they have approved of? So what this means is that Congress is enabling the destruction of the Rule of Law in America. When the timing is right Congress will violently oppose the situation that was in fact created by their actions. Therefore they will propose as a solution that the Constitution will need to either drastically amended in part or whole.

        Oh yes there will be chaos because Congress and the Senate have actively created it by their consent and silence.

        The attack on Iran is not a winning scenario. In fact it will rival Pearl Harbor for the greatest single defeat from the get go as every Navy warship in the gulf region is sunk by the Russian missiles Iran has positioned  along it's coastline. The missiles are sea skimmers that achieve Mach 2.6 and carry a warhead designed to sink a carrier. They are currently undetectable upon launch and are guided by combination of GPS, Multi-frequency scanning on board burst radar.

        The Navy knows it is screwed and will be unable to operate anywhere within 300 miles of Iran. This vastly reduces the ability of the Navy to prevent the closing of the Straits of Hormuz  by Iran to all shipping. This action will expand the conflict from a regional to a world war scale.

        The utter defeat suffered by the Navy will give Congress the necessary incentive to call for Bush's impeachment. Bush will refuse to step down. The ensuing rioting caused in cities all across America will result in all State National Guard Units to be "Federalized" to coordinate the restoration of law and order. After the rioting is suppressed these units will be kept on active duty to "prevent a recurrence of further rioting".

        (It is important here to point out "how the Military responded to Hurricane Katrina". If you were not paying attention the mission they were given was not a humanitarian mission but a mission of occupation and control. Look at this as a pre-martial law crackdown exercise. When viewing the Katrina situation with this mission. The military can conclude that it's exercise was a resounding success.)

        This is just one of many scenarios that would work to destroy democracy for once and all in America. We are not saying that this is the exact scenario that would take place. The only important thing to remember is that the Dominionist only need one or two more incidents to achieve their stated goals. This is the real danger America faces.

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