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  •  Well, try this: (4.00)

    They must know, at the bottom of their hearts, that they're wrong - in order to have all the 'talking points' to talk down evolution, they must at least have gleaned a passing knowledge of how it works.

    If you listen to Ham, and if they only thing his listeners know about evolution is what he tells them, then in fact they do not have even a glimmer of understanding of it.  What they do "know" is a mish-mash of half-truths, out-of-context quotes, and outright delusion.  So it's easy for them to dismiss it.

    You might think the paleological record would be good evidence?  Not if Ham has convinced them that carbon dating is bogus, and that the geographical strata (that the sane world considers to have been laid down over billions of years) were deposited during the flood of the bible.  And so on.

    He fills heads with trash, all in the name of Jesus.  And I do think he's a believer.

    The really despicable folks are those that bankroll him.  I think many of them use him, and many of them think him a loon.  Those are the true evil ones.  If he didn't have such a large purse, he'd fade into obscurity, or have a church like Fred Phelps.

    -9.25, -7.54

    Yikes. Good thing I don't have guns.

    by Marc in KS on Sat Dec 31, 2005 at 06:57:27 AM PST

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    •  It's the dishonesty, not the craziness (none)
      I have to admit that while I certainly don't welcome them trying to sneak it into school science courses and fool large numbers of the public into thinking it's science, I love these old earth creationists with their humans riding dinosaurs (and their spectacular mental gymnastics to demonstrate that they know better than the experts in virtually every field of science).  Knowing the damage they do to the country's scientific literacy, I try to minimize sending them money, but when they start featuring pictures of people frolicking with dinosaurs, I can't resist.

      But I agree that the immoral ones are not the honest cranks, but the people who consciously mislead people.  Unfortunately, this is not a few wealthy outsiders pouring money into the groups for base political motives, it's all too often the Hams and Hovinds themselves.

      The great majority of leading old earth Creationist sights (e.g. ICR, AIG,, and yes, Dr. Dino) are rife with examples where it is completely implausible to deny that the author has consciously phrased things to make his audience believe something he knows to be untrue.  I've seen Creationists tell people that Stephen Jay Gould debunked evolution even as he was a leading witness against sneaking the anti-evolution claptrap into schools.  (BTW, many Creationists love the theory of punctuated equilibrium, and fancy themselves able to tell at a glance whether or not it applies to a given situation, though of course they don't bother do the mathematics and informed analysis to know if the hypothesis is even relevant to the facts.)

      That people embracing certain religious views can believe some pretty nutty things does not surprise me.  But for some reason I am not inured against their continual, willful dishonest to advance those beliefs.

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