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    Well, I guess that you're making the argument from "luxury" here.

    At this particular juncture tens of millions of Americans are fortunate enough to be able to dismiss the scientific endeavours and breakthroughs of their forebears and contemporaries, who do the hard work that makes their "modern" life possible; I doubt that most are really prepared to take the logic of their beliefs to their natural conclusions though - a dose of MDRS-A will quickly cure any illusion that natural selection/evolution is not a feature of the universe. Likewise, the deluded idiot who is currently drilling for oil in Israel based on his reading of the Bible is going to lose a lot of money very quickly; petroleum geologists have to understand processes and time scales if they are to locate the reserves that make the luxury of obscurantism whilst driving possible; likewise nuclear engineers, who need to statistically model decay rates to ensure that nuclear reactions remain controlled whilst all that vital electricity gets generated, so that idiotarians can watch televangelists revelling in their obscurantism.

    The really startling thing is that the whole creationism/ID debate is so exclusively American, and is a purely parochial cultural phenomenon. It's all very good entertainment for bemused Europeans and Asians; and is even better for our economies, as the US slowly loses its technological edge. And if you keep wasting your energy on these pointless debates, and idiotic panderings to those who would undermine science education in your public schools, then so be it; after all, being #1 in holiness is the kind of objective that plenty of evangelicals can sign up to.

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