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    Just to add to what you are saying, the Gospels are not each written by just one source.  For instance, IIRC, there is the "Q" source from which Matthew and Luke partially derive, along with Mark, the gospel that came first.

    In The God Who Wasn't There, Brian Flemming points out that there is evidence the writer of Mark was purposely writing allegorically, as was common at the time.  In addition, since the gospels were composed later in the 1st century after the time Jesus purported to have lived, there is a gap in terms of historical documentation of Jesus' life filled only by the letters of Paul, which never mention any details about Jesus' life before the crucifixion later mentioned in the Gospels, and that these details were common to previous "Messiahs" in Greek and other religions such as Dionysus, Mithras, Oedipus, etc.

    The bottom line is that the whole Bible is such a patchwork gallimaufry of many different sources, arranged somewhat haphazardly by redactors, watered down by translations, and so forth, and riddled with contradictions and historical inaccuracies, that to assert that all or even most of it is the literal truth is absurd.

    The Brudaimonia | what freedom's not some under's mere above? - e.e. cummings

    by Brudaimonia on Sat Dec 31, 2005 at 02:17:55 PM PST

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