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    I think this short comment by Dawkins from the "G-files" link above captures well the problem with the "one-dimensional" charge:

    The letters you published (June 13th) indicate an unfortunate tendency for Guardian readers to follow Brown. Stephen Gould certainly is an "implacable opponent of . . . genetic determinism". Right then, Dawkins must be in favour of it - otherwise there wouldn't be a feud, and that would be no fun. In fact, as anybody would know who reads what I actually say instead of what I am supposed to say, I too am an implacable opponent of genetic determinism.

    Gould thinks that the extinction of the dinosaurs had nothing to do with natural selection. Sorry to spoil the fun, but so do I. Gould thinks natural selection is not the only force shaping the course of evolution. Well, I know it seems a shame, but so do I, and I have devoted large portions of my books to explaining this.

    The one sentence of Brown's article which really did hit the nail on the head was this: "It would be possible to write a long article demolishing almost everything people believe Richard Dawkins has said, using only his own words."

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