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View Diary: Lugar Joins the Growing List of Republicans Who Want Hearings on Bush's NSA Program [Updated] (65 comments)

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  •  i knew lugar had to have it in him (none)
    this is good news.  recommended!
    •  I wonder what Lugar knows (none)
      about the Bolton NSA intercepts.  Whatever was in those, it made Voinovich weep publicly in the Senate.
      •  more information please (none)
        Tell me everything you know--what, when, why?
      •  did you see the cspan (none)
        coverage of the SFRC bolton hearings?  that was the day voinovich actually said "i'm not ready to vote on this today."

        lugar, the committe chair was obviously uncomfortable and at one point, i swear he kept looking at something opposite him.  it was really, really weird.

        •  I'll venture a guess (none)
          I suspect that Bolton and his buddies Cheney and Rove have what they believe to be some pretty serious dirt on guys like Lugar and Voinovich, and others (Lieberman?), that they threatened to use on them if they didn't confirm him. They got this information partly via these NSA wiretaps, which explains why they decided to bypass the FISA court, which of course would have denied them on the spot.

          This is totally a guess on my part and I could obviously be completely wrong about this. But it's totally in line with these guys' MO and I wouldn't put it past them at all, and it does explain various unknowns. Or, to paraphrase RUmmy, "known unknowns".

          I'll second that quack! Anyone have any good recipes for Lame Duck a la Bleu?

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