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View Diary: ScAlito's Mistaken View of the President's Lawmaking Ability (96 comments)

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  •  "presidential Intent" (none)

    Thanks for highlighting an interesting area  of contitutional/legislative concern. Your recent articles on Judge Alito, whom you know I support, have been really well researched despite me disagreeing with your take on them

    Isn't Alito's suggestion akin to some of the meaningless statements read into the congressional record? They're non-binding testimony that give some context (right or wrong) to issues being discussed. The fact that the President is given the power and responsibility to sign a bill (or refuse to sign a bill) would not seem to prohibit some editorializing about the content. The weight of such practice I presume has never really been tested.

    Armando, are you aware of any historical episodes where "presidential intent" (rather then legislative) was actually argued in court?

    •  Are You a People? (none)
      Do you still support Alito, now that you know he ignores Congressional veto overrides? Those overrides make Congress more important to making laws than is the president. As anyone with even glancing familiarity with the Constitution could tell you, even if they don't know those simple mechanics. Do you want your rights protected by Alito, knowing he ignores the most basic representation of the power of the people over the power of the executive?

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