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    ...a particular group of people were responsible for 9/11.  The policies pursued in response to 9/11 should have focused like a laser on that particular group of people (let's call them "al Qaeda," though there are those who suggest that that title has itself been used in rather slippery ways by our government).

    Instead, the response focused on terrorism or terror, to things that have been a constant problem in modern political life for at least two and a quarter centuries.  The French Revolution was undone by terror.  Tsar Alexander II was killed by terrorists. Heck, President William McKinley was killed by a terrorist.  This doesn't mean that terrorism, like war itself, isn't an evil that we should strive to eliminate.  But it's not anything new, nor did the world change on 9/11 in any significant way for anyone who was actually paying attention to the world on 9/10 (though I'll grant that the Bush Administration in many ways wasn't).

    The proper response to 9/11 would have been focused and extremely limited. It would have involved pursuing those responsible, preferably through taking advantage of international institution like the world court. And it would have involved a thorough review of our failure to prevent the attack which would have actually held responsible those who did not do their jobs.

    Instead, we get a ton of nonsense about the world changing and an undeclared war on "terrorism" (a tactic) or "terror" (fear itself?). And those who most manifestly failed to do their jobs -- the U.S. intelligence "community" -- got Xmas in September in the form of virtually every power they'd desired for a quarter century or so.  

    The response to 9/11 was a disaster. And though the Bush administration led the way, virtually everyone in Washington -- Democratic and Republican -- followed.

    Preserving the old ways from being abused/Protecting the new ways for me and for you/What more can we do

    by GreenSooner on Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 06:15:04 AM PST

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