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  •  Afghanistan (4.00)
    Terrorism is a policing matter.  We've paid billions of dollars for our intelligence and special operation troops.  I believe the correct course of action was to get OBL through policing or through a surgical strike like when Clinton tried to kill him with cruise missiles but the timing was off.  I see no reason why we had to invade a country to nab a few miscreants.  War always means lots of civilian deaths, maimings and displacements.  Displacement usually means disease and malnutrition.  I think we got our community retaliation in multiples of the 3,000 that were killed on 911 by invading Afghanistan.

    Bush had no proof that OBL was responsible for 911 when he started the bombing and OBL has never claimed responsibility.  15 Saudis (and 4 of other nationalities, but no Afghans and no Iraqis) caused 911.  Why didn't we invade Saudi Arabia if we were looking for community retaliation?  Besides, I find it hard to believe that untrained pilots (except in simulators) were able to hit the WTC and the Pentagon.  At the Pentagon, the pilot must have been going 500 mph 30 feet off the ground to hit the Pentagon (if a plane actually struck the Pentagon).

    Afganistan gave us Gitmo and Bush's claim that he could disapear anyone anywhere at any time without charge or judicial review and torture and kill them at his whim.  And who ended up in Gitmo?  It was populated by people that the war/drug/tribal lords we bribed to fight the Taliban gave us for a bounty.  At best, we got Taliban and al Qaeda foot soldiers who were defending their country and posed no threat as terrorists in the US.  One person recently released estimated that at least 80% of the people at Gitmo were innocents, including a taxi driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This corresponds to what the military told the Red Cross that 70-90% of the people in Abu Ghraib were 'mistakes'.  That is why Bush and Rumsfeld don't want these people to be tried in public courts.  It would be a PR disaster that we detained, tortured and killed innocents for 4 years.  

    How many innocents do we have to kill to appease our blood lust for the 3,000 that died in 911? 10 to one like the SS used in community retaliation.  In Falluja it was 600 civilians for the 4 mercenaries that were killed.  

    Where is Afghanistan today?  It's run by a gaggle of war/drug/tribal lords jostling for power and money from the drug trade.  The Taliban had all but eliminated the drug trade but now 80% of the heroin in the world comes from Afghanistan.  Karzai can't leave Kabul safely.  Little, if any, of the rebuilding funds that were promised have materialized and even if they did it wouldn't be enough to rebuild Afghanistan.  Women are killing  themselves by setting themselve on fire because things are worse than they were under the Taliban.
    Afghanistan is already a failed narco-state.

    And where is OBL, Mullah Omar and the 25 or so top al Qaeda leaders Ashcroft and Mueller paraded out after 911 as being on the most wanted list?  The last thing I heard is hat he bagged 3 of them.  Afghanistan has to be the most expensive failed manhunt in history.

    "Be just and good." John Adams

    by aztec on Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 07:17:10 AM PST

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    •  trotting out the trials now (none)
      would be far more than a PR disaster.  Once their cases are thrown out for improperly gained evidence, etc., won't those people (or their families?) have grounds for some type of lawsuit against the United States for damages?  We aren't at war, and they're not prisoners of war, so that blanket is not there.  What might that amount to?

      ...gleefully connecting dots since 1966 scratch

      by arbortender on Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 12:39:53 PM PST

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