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View Diary: ScAlito's Mistaken View of the President's Lawmaking Ability (96 comments)

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    I think there is a technique and in fact they have been applying it to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for the past 25 years.  I was also making the point that the GOP has dode a very good job of imflaming the passions surrounding the abortion debate and I think that they have deftly used that debate to dsitract Americans from their dismantling of core values of democracy in this country.  I thought it very interesting during the Teri Schiavo debate that so many Americans were not comfortable with the government getting into that "family" decision.  It was ironic in the context of so many being so willing to get into the other "family" deicision with respect to child bearing.  Because they were not "pre-conditioned" by years and years of rhetoric, most American people could see it as an intrusion rather than a point of crusade and they went back to older concepts of government that were less meddlesome and more "Constitutional" if you will.  

    They lost that battle because they assumed that they had successfully trained Americans to see everything with tunnel vision.  I think they had done a pretty good job of it, but I also think it could easily have gone the other way if Michael Schiavo and his lawyer had not been as well-spoken and skilled at managing their full-on attacks.

    That was when I started to fully understand the "single issue" focus and how it has helped the GOP achieve the changes in our laws and conciousness.  That was also when I realized that if Democrats didn't stand up for the basics of the Democracy and played ball within the "single issue" context only that we would only lose more of our Constitutional rights.  The thing is that everything in the Constitution could be seen in a negative light at some point or another.  The GOP have done a great job of finding those rare situtations where applying Constitutional principles seems to do a disservice to an individual or the country as a whole, what no one lately has been great about pointing out is that overall it has done far more good proportionally than harm.

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