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View Diary: Craig's List founder aims for accurate news (17 comments)

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    And I wonder about the Wiki (open) model in terms of control. What's to prevent the sway of whomever is freeping the most? Do both sides have daily freeping wars to spin the news to reflect their political agenda? I dunno. I'd love to see this model work in a way that works solely on and earned trusted status.

    The one other comment I'll make is about hooking the otherwise dis-interested audience. I am at a loss about this aspect of news coverage. We all suffer because the MSM is constantly trying to hook some of the dis-interested folks into watching and reading their "light" version of news. TV and a lot of print media sucks precisely because we have to wade through the bias towards the lowest common denominator in popular taste, all to gain a few nuggets of real stuff. That's of course why most of us don't watch anymore, have canceled our subscriptions, and are typing away here.

    Elections are dominated by advertising, pop news, and blowhard talk shows--at least they have been. How are we going to birth an enlightened, educated, critically-thinking society of participating citizens out of this mess? (I guess one step at a time, and give it three decades...sigh...I want it NOW!(stamps foot))

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