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  •  Actually.... (none)
    Chomsky is smart and interesting on politics, but he's actually a mediocre linguist, and his followers have done incalculable damage to linguistics by parroting him and ignoring real linguistics (both historical linguistics and psychological linguisitics) in favor of his pseudo-mathematical linguistics.

    The "father of modern linguistics" is well hated by many serious linguists.  His politics are pretty good, though.

    •  Yeah, I'm married to one. (none)
      She's a cognitive linguist who completely rejects generative grammar.

      But being a linguist and "hating" Chomsky the linguist is like being a psychiatrist and "hating" Freud the psychiatrist.  If it weren't for either of them, their fields largely would not exist today.  That doesn't mean all psychiatrists have to believe in Oedipus complexes, and it doesn't mean all linguists have to buy into generative grammar.  But it does mean that they need to be appreciated at least for bringing their fields into the modern academic mainstream.

      The last time people listened to a talking bush, they wandered 40 years in the desert.

      by DC Pol Sci on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 07:18:18 PM PST

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