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View Diary: IMPEACH: Jan. 8 Action Day, Help Wanted! (34 comments)

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  •  Bozo (none)
    You don't need to follow me into threads you aren't participating in.  

    Yes, Bush needs to be impeached and tried for treason, yada yada yada.

    And what are you doing to get the word out?  This is important.  Your old, tired DU vendettas are not important to me. I'm not a member of DU and have never been.  If I wanted to read DU bizness, I wouldn't be reading dKos.

    I don't intimidate easily.  You've tried hard to intimidate other people to stifle dissent and I called you on it.  Are you able to turn this energy for "troll-busting" into constructive activism?

    •  You don't intimidate easily? (none)
      Well neither do I.

      You're the one who came into not one, but two diaries of mine - and in both cases, posted that the diarist should be deleted.

      In neither case did you add anything of substance.  You failed to look at any evidence presented, and lied about why you were in the second diary.

      Your current claim that this is something about a DU vendetta is pure BS - BBV research, Bev Harris, and voting machines that can cheat, far transcend a single site like DU.

      And hope against hope, Bush will never be convicted even if somehow, he was impeached for treason or other crimes - you can't be so stupid as to believe that the neocon-dominated Republican Party would contribute enough votes to actually convice him.

      Therefore as cool as the idea is to impeach the asshole, you're actually wasting people's time...and perhaps that's the point, since by wasting their time, they cannot strive to achieve realistic goals.

      I still owe you one.

      Stay the hell away from diaries on subjects that you supposedly don't give a shit about.  Next time, I get serious.


      -4.63/-4.10 Bush is living proof that drugs are bad for you...he's so dumb, he can't even spell Iraq, let alone find it on a map.

      by Bozos Rnot4 Bush on Fri Jan 06, 2006 at 10:38:15 PM PST

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