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View Diary: The anti-Clinton editorial board maelstrom (94 comments)

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  •  It would be a lot of work ... (4.00)
    ...but it might be worthwhile for someone to take the top ten papers (by circulations) on this list and compare word by word their toughest editorials regarding the impeachment of Bill Clinton with their toughest (smirk) editorials concerning, say, domestic spying. Or just do the research now and wait until impeachment really becomes a household word and throw those words in their faces in a barrage of letters to the editor.

    My choice, since they bought my old paper, is the Chicago Tribune.

    •  And for good measure (none)
      you could use the research to make a nifty little newspaper insert; just follow around the paper delivery truck, insert into paper left on driveway, and voila - you've got your own little LTE-generator among the paper's subscribers.  

      Hell, even if only a small fraction of people who see that take action that'd be a lot of paying readers who can decry the hypocrisy.

    •  I would like to point out (none)
      That you don't see a paper of record from Oregon, New Hampshire, or Vermont.  Three states that take their politics very seriously and are capable of holding their papers accountable.

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