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  •  Time for Wag The Dog in Rerelease? (none)
    So, would I be correct in saying that if Wag the Dog had not been released at the time of Monica that the Press wouldn't have grasped the concept?

    Look, we can easily discern what's going on from past episodes in the Bush administration.  The papers are ready to run the story.  Rove et al are calling around saying, "You don't want to get in front of this story. Are you sure that's what happened?"

    Those are the exact words said again and again by Rove (Cheney, Libby, Bartlett, Bolton, et al) each time the Bush administration has been caught in flagrante delicto.  They did it before Iraq war with disinformation campaign, they did it when no WMD were found, with torture, secret prisons, to keep NYT from publishing NSA story, ad infinitum.  It's their M.O. so why should they stop now?

    The members of the press - including management - are afraid of making a career-ending mistake.

    This time the Bush folks are using the national security red herring to keep news media from pushing the story. But there's no logical support that anything they did was necessary for national security - the facts demonstrate that it was illogical to make an end-run around FISA.

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