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    This is exactly right. I didn't dream up some random "rules" out of whole cloth. I wrote down what I believed to be the generally prevailing wisdom about diaries in the two-plus years since their launch. Now they're available in a readily consultable form which will help put all site members on notice as to what does and does not constitute appropriate conduct on this site.
    •  thanks for the update... (none)
      didn't realize the problem with img src - learned how to do it from the FAQ...

      also, an addendum on comment rating would be REALLY appreciated - some folk around here still use it to express disagreement...

      some folk are habitual 1 droppers and it gets annoying to have to go in with the pooper scooper and rate to balance out...

      so, if you have some thoughts on the next revisit on site policy, would you consider this topic - pleeeeeeez!

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