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  •  I think it was Ronald Reagan (4.00)
    who once said "facts are pesky things".  I don't think the DLC will ever be happy until the Republicans are completely in power.
    •  huh? (none)
      I don't get it. First of all, the Republicans are in complete power: they control both houses of Congress, the White House, the courts, most governorships, and most state legislatures.

      Second, the DLC doesn't want Republicans in power. They may want moderate, or even conservative, Democrats in power, but what you are proposing is ridiculous.

      •  Then why? (4.00)
        Do they have these "former" Republicans like Marshall Wittman who still favor policy that is way to the right of center working for them?

        Why, if they just want to make Dems moderate enough  to win, do they still try to insist Dems fervently support the war and insist Dems contend it was a good idea, when polls now show a majority opposes the war?

        Could these powerful corporate types be trying to make sure that neither major party supports something other than a corporate profit friendly, cheap labor agenda?  Not the relatively grassroots level of the DLC (and I'm using relatively as a key word there), but the people at the top?

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        by DemDachshund on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 04:50:53 PM PST

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        •  So true (none)
          One mistake I think a lot of folks make (not so much 'round here, but in general) is thinking that the Republicans have always been monolithically right-wing, while the dems monolithically left.  Of course, from Lincoln to the suffragists like Jeannette Rankin (the sole vote against the WWII declaration of war) on the Republican side -- to the Dixiecrats and the solid south on the Democrat side, political parties have always been little more than cramped, temporary holding pens for ideology.

          It's been, what, 30-40 years (i.e., the dixiecrat split and the rise of Goldwater) since we've seen a shift?   I'd say we're about due for another shift/migration/movement/etc.

          That's not to say that DLCers are trying to "bring down" the democratic party or performing some sort of infiltration mission.

          I think what we're seeing is the beginning of the migration of the "Rockefeller Republicans", the fiscally conservative corporatists who are more or less live-and-let-live on social issues out of the Republican party.  These folks are realizing -- I think even before the Republican power structure truly appreciates it -- that their party is being taken over by the worst elements of the far right.

          It would be ironic if the very "tools" Karl Rove, et al used to build a 2 termer out of nothing, consolidate power in both houses -- the radical religious and "traditionalist" right -- ultimately undermined the Republican party to the point of civil war and mass exodus.   What the RNC power brokers don't seem to realize is that these folks are no longer satisfied with the occasional bone thrown their way.  

          My suspicion is that folks like Whitman do.  After all - for a Rockefeller Republican, Bush's fiscal policy hasn't been much to write home about beyond tax cuts.  Ballooning deficits, the technological and industrial lead of America shrinking, etc....  As much as we like to demonize them, I hardly believe most of them want to be land barons in a dying empire...even if it means fabulous short term wealth for them.

          I think we saw a similar, small scale shift a generation ago as the 'neocons' abandoned the formerly interventionist Democrats for a Republican party that suddenly had elements more friendly to its ideas.

          ...or so my 2 cents says.

      •  I'd amend the statement just a bit (4.00)
        to read the DLC doesn't care if the GOP keeps control, so long as they get to keep their influence and their piece of the sleaze pie.

        Democracy is a contact sport...

        by jsmagid on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 04:55:10 PM PST

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        •  That's kind of what I meant above (none)
          I think they don't want their type of Dem in power versus any Republican in power although this is what we are supposed to think.

          What they want is to have the Dem party be far enough to the right that anything to the left of the middle at all doesn't get implemented, regardless of who is in power.  I am convinced they would rather have the far right in power than any Dem who is anything but 1% left of what's now called center.  I'm sure people will call me a conspiracy theorist or something, but there is tons of circumstantial evidence to suppor this and more and more folks to the left of the DLC (not even necessarily far left) seem to be starting to think this.  

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          by DemDachshund on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 05:05:40 PM PST

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          •  Gee, ya THINK? n/t (none)
            A "conspiracy theorist" is probably someone who's too close to the truth.

            Things fall apart-the center cannot hold...The best lack all conviction While the worst are full of passionate intensity (-9.25\-7.54)

            by kestrel9000 on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 05:50:53 PM PST

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            •  My version for our times (none)
              A conspiracy theorist is someone who knows facts that are not presented by the msm, or believes in an interpretation of events that contradicts the interpretation given by the msm.

              Check out my lte archive at and feel free to use my ideas for your own lte's.

              by DemDachshund on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 08:09:00 AM PST

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        •  I'd amend if I could (none)
          I don't know how to edit my comments.  But yeah, you're basically right.  I'm not even all that liberal (although lately it seems like anyone who dares to question the great leader is some kind of "leftist lunatic) but the DLC just really angers me.  I honestly wish they'd all switch to the Republican Party.  Yes, in the short term it would be a bit of a blow.  But ultimately, a short embarassment would be off set by us not having our Democratic message constantly undermined.
    •  The Reagan quote (none)
      He was intending to say, "But facts are stubborn things" and, in a Freudian slip, said "But facts are stupid things."

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