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  •  Le Corbusier? (none)
    He had some interesting looking stuff form a sculptural point of view, but much of it was in practice unlivable and oppressive. Ugh. I pains me to see him listed in any way alongside the likes of Mies, Schindler and Neutra (a personal favorite of mine). To each his own, I guess. To me Le Corbusier represents the worst of modernism, both theoretically and practically.
    •  Got in the VDL House a couple of years back (4.00)
      and was astonished at what Neutra accomplished in such a tiny building. He had it all figured out before anybody.

      By the way, I took a couple of courses from John Stilgoe in the Carpenter Center's auditorium, and he never failed to go into frequent, long-winded rants about what a miserable failure Corbusier--and that particular buidling--was. I think he was just trying to goose the GSDers in the room.

      Obviously easy button to push.

    •  shrug (none)
      it's a matter of taste I suppose, but I think a lot of people condemn him for how people imitated him. I've never been to Ronchamp, though. In the context of his time, his work was amazing.  One of my favorites is Villa du Docteur Curutchet.  I'm not blog nimble enough to put the photo in my caption, unfortunately.  

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