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View Diary: Matthews implicated in Abramoff scandal (210 comments)

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  •  Excellent ! (none)
    Great detective work and research by Aravosis.

    Now there's even more explaining to do!  Lucy???

    Fox News (of course), Tweety, all the big Repthug names, and Abramoff.  All together in the FALSE fundraising game...  

    Scum is too good a word to use for these guys, but I have such a hard time coming up with a better one. They really have reached the height of corruption. (Although I'm not holding my breath.  When Abramoff sings, it might REALLY get interesting!)

    •  You guys don't get it. (none)
      All these MSM folks involved or implicated, does us no good whatsoever, it just means they will all be covering their asses, and the public will learn nothing. We all have alternative sources for news, but the average Joe still chooses to get his/her information from t.v., and it will all be whitewashed,the truth will be difficult to ferret out. This makes me sick to my stomach, instead of rejoicing that tweety is implicated we should be outraged, and worried. Just how many will he and his buddies cover for?

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