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  •  I hate to ask a dumb question... (none)
    But when I was watching ABC news last night, they were talking about the whole Abramoff pleads guilty thing, and about how it was going to be a problem for many members of congress, including Tom Delay and Harry Reid.

    Where the heck is Harry Reid's involvement in this? Or are they just buying some kind of spin or wtf? I didn't think the Abramoff thing involved democrats because K-street was so exclusively Republican.

    But I could be wrong. In fact I googled and searched dKos looking for the answer but I couldn't find it. Is there a kind soul who can explain what portion of ABC's butt the Reid claim came out of?

    •  asdf (none)
      Reid "has denied that his intercession in an Indian casino case that would've helped Abramoff was linked to a $5,000 contribution from an Abramoff client."

      Notice how they put Reid before Bush, even though it's a proven fact that "Bush received more than $100,000 through Abramoff during his re-election campaign in 2004."

      How completely unsurprising.

      Here's a link:

      "This White House doesn't even know where the buck is." - Wes Clark

      by PeterSD on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 09:28:59 AM PST

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      •  Thanks. (none)
        Now I see. This is the TM (traditional media) digging to be "balanced" by twisting a tiny contribution into a bribe so that they can say this scandal involves both parties. As though Harry Reid was just some kind of congressional cheap date at a mere $5000 compared with hundreds of thousands for the others.

        Ugh. Well at least I can fight the spin with facts now.

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