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  •  Rural/suburban bus systems (4.00)
    I live in a city with good public transportation and so am lucky enough to be able to live without a car at the moment. But I am always amazed at how relatively limited our public transportation is.  When I lived a few months in the U.K., I was thrilled that, even without a car, I could easily get to small towns and villages via the bus system.  In contrast, my parents live in a very large town (80,000 people) outside the city I live.  There is no public transportation in the town, except for the train to the city and bus to the airport.  Within the town, there are no buses.  

    This has serious consequences for many people - poor people who are forced to devote a large portion of their salaries to maintaining a car, old people who are forced into nursing homes because independent living requires the ability to drive.  

    It's not a question of restricting people's choices, but of allocating just some resources from support of the car infrastructure to support of public transportation.

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