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  •  I rode my bike to a job for about a year (none)
    and after the 3rd time of almost getting hit by a car I gave up. We only owned 1 car and I had hoped we would not need another. Too bad it is not safe to be healthy. Some drivers are oblivious to what is going on outside of the car. Example - nose pickers, like they are invisible!
    •  I would ride a bike too... (none)
      But I live in a town that consists of about 20 miles of 8-lane, 45 mph highway, surrounded by suburban sprawl (read: strip malls) almost uninterrupted over its whole length, with heavy traffic at all but the deadest hours of night. No accomodation for bikers or pedestrians whatsoever (it's basically cross at your own risk). So I drive about 4 or 5 miles to work each day. And what do you know, I do in fact live in a red state... although my congressional district is one of three heavily gerrymandered, safely Democrat districts out of 11 in the state.

      There are plenty of bad drivers out there, but to be fair, while I was living in Boston I saw more than my share of bad bikers, too. If you ride a bike, and you want to share the road with cars, then you need to follow the same traffic laws as cars. In other words, just because you're in a car doesn't mean red lights and stop signs don't apply to you. Especially in a big city with lots of pedestrian traffic. I can't count the number of times I almost got run over while trying to cross the street on foot by bikers who ran red lights.  

      •  You are right about some bikers thinking that (none)
        traffic laws do not apply to them. I was not one of those. I rode the back streets and neighborhoods to avoid the busy streets and still I was vulnerable.
      •  PS (none)
        not suggesting you were one of these, just saying, since I have seen so many bikers lacking even a rudimentary grasp of bike safety, that if a biker finds himself in frequent near-misses with traffic or pedestrians, he should examine who is truly at fault.

        That being said, I agree it's a shame there aren't more bike-friendly paths in suburban areas with growing populations but short-sighted and poorly planned development.

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