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  •  umm (none)
    GP didn't make any assumptions. YOU made the assumption that you have to live in 'the country' to see squirrels, and the GP properly refuted that assumption with their real-life example.

    Not everyone who lives in a rural area and drives a car is a knuckledragging, neocon, neanderthal.

    ... but two out of three ain't bad.
    •  now who's making assumptions? (none)
      I never assumed I had to live in the country to see squirrels. I just said that is where I prefer to live.

      So "ummm" yourself.

      I'm not a slacker...I'm just surrounded by overachievers!

      by arkylib on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 10:25:18 AM PST

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      •  well (none)
        Is there something wrong with leaving the city everyday to escape to the country where you can actually hear birds sing and squirrels chatter?


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