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  •  It's not cities vs. suburbs (none)
    the larger question should be why is all this bad behaviour allowed to drive folks away in the first place?
    In July I went to New York City for the first time. It's the citiest of all cities, and has been for more than a hundred years.

    In the 70s, it was falling apart, a widely-cited example of urban failure.

    In July 2005 it was a vibrant, functioning city where a gal on her own could walk all over (even at night), take the subway everywhere, and gawk at the fireflies in Central Park, all without ever feeling even vaguely threatened.

    It wasn't any less "city" in 2005 -- they'd just cleaned up their act.

    I don't know why other cities can't clean up even tiny pockets of lawlessness, but it seems to simply be a lack of civic will -- a DECISION for cops to not bust people for blatant things like dealing drugs on the street that magnifies outward into a general tolerance of bad behavior.

    •  You're right (none)
      When Guiliani was mayor he cracked down on everything from broken windows to squeegie people, hookers and drug dealers.  The crime rate dropped dramatically.  People will be civil if they are expected to be civil.

      We live in upstate NY and would consider moving to the City but when the kids are grown - the cost of housing having what even resembles a bedroom is ridiculous!

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