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  •  bicyclist from a smallish town (none)
    100 k in "metro area", university town so semi-decent buses to campus from a lot of places.

    I regularly bike 4 miles one way with small hills (200 ft up each way).  Some observations:

    4 lane highways are OK, with the middle lane and wide shoulder it is very good bicycling and decent for turns.

    Windy roads without shoulder are OK because visibility is bad and drivers are very careful.

    Straight roads without shoulders are reputed to be dangerous (I have a blessing that I do not need to ride on any of those).

    We got some bike paths and the situation is slowly improving.

    The lack of shoulders on many suburban/rural roads is ridiculous.  If you have a windy road on a slope it may be hard to make shoulders and it is actually OK for bicyclists (if not for drivers), but try to tell it to a fretful mother.  One thought: with streets safe for bicycling, wouldn't be possible for kids with after-school activities to go there on bikes, saving a lot of fuel and a lot of time for their parents (even if only in good weather)?

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