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  •  An interesting theory.... (none)
    but I can't agree that cars are the sole cause for Conservatism.

    In this country anyway I wonder how much time those driving cars listen to hate radio? My guess is that a number of them do perhaps it isn't their view of the world in the car that is solely responsible for changing their political affiliations...perhaps it is that combined with several other of which would most likely be hate radio (and I don't just mean Rush and his moron buddies like Hannity and O'Lielly....I mean Mancow in the morning too...that fucker has been pissing me off for years now. He's spreading conservative philosophy to high school students who listen to him in the morning...and not just that, but racism, homophobia, and sexism too...

    •  I should say that (none)
      I own a car and live in an area with virtually nil public I have to drive a lot....and I don't really look at society as an least not most of the time. But when I do get annoyed with drivers that are driving too damn slow or like morons (such as my neighbors across the street who feel the need to sit in their cars at 3 am and rev their engines so they can peel out of the driveway and down the street...I have called the police on them 4 times now btw)...I typically blame that specific driver....I don't generalize...and most of the time that idiot driver also has a Bush/Cheney sticker....or some other republican label on their car...

      I really hate my neighbors though....stupid macho idiots wasting gas and making noise in the middle of the damn night....bastards...

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