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  •  Major health issue (4.00)
    I mentioned it briefly in a post upthread (or downthread, I don't know now). Car culture, suburbs, exurbs, mega-meals, mega-mansions, mega-buying sprees, all contributing to an epidemic of obesity in this country.

    People need to get off their asses and get a little exercise. What works for many people because of their schedules is simply making exercise part of their normal daily routine, i.e., walking to work, biking to work, biking the 4 blocks or 2 miles or whatever to pick up a few groceries - whatever.

    I don't have kids, so I know this throws another iron into the fire. But I see people on bikes pulling their kids behind them in little kid carrier things attached to the bike. It's easy to discuss if, like me, you live in a city, don't drive, don't have kids, etc.

    We need more government level solutions to these problems, too. It's hard to devise individual solutions when so much of the entire landscape is devoted to the car culture. And when bad food, like meat and dairy, is so highly subsidized and fruits and veggies are not accesible to everybody - but that's another diary. :)

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