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    Well, after living in mass-transit-able central cities for decades, I moved to Vermont. There is some mass transit here (small, free buses at least in southern Vermont to get people from town to town). But hey, we drive now. What with Vermont being the most proportionately rural state population in the nation, Vermonters drive an embarassing number of miles per capita. However, Vermonters also, despite often-icy roads, have about the lowest accident rate and cheapest car insurance in the nation.

    We're also far from being a Red state, as the world knows. Even the Republicans we have here are the decent, liberal type. So if this isn't the exception that proves the rule, the hypothesis is refuted by Vermont.

    Maybe it's driving in ugly places, on crowded roads, that leads to Republicanism? Nah, there are rural Red states with great beauty too.

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