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  •  Volvo of the millennium? (none)
    I've got 2 friends who have Subarus, both flaming liberals. A third is planning to trade in his Toyota for one. I wouldn't call these people "vocal" liberals, but they are politically liberal, yes. I had dinner recently with the guy who wants to do the trade-in, and he practically spittled all over one of those cars that he saw parked in the street. He wants to move to Seattle, and he kept saying, "Doesn't this look like a Seattle car?" Jesus, how would I know? I've practically forgotten how to drive a car. And after you go without wheels for a while, all cars start looking the same.

    For the outdoor enthusiasts who haul all the gear around, those cars are probably great. You know the ones - they  go into the country overnight and sleep on the ground (?camping). (That wouldn't be me.) :)

    •  I drive a Ford Focus Wagon. (none)
      Just bought it, traded in my Windstar because 3 of our 4 kids have their own cars now so we have no longer need the roominess.

      The Windstar, much as we loved it, was a gas hog, the Focus is a gas sipper.  Plus, it is zippy on pick up and is just plain fun to drive.  I would recomment the Focus to anyone looking for a good, economical vehicle.

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