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  •  Where were you commuting from? (none)
    When I worked in Pleasant Hill and lived in SF, I found BART to be way faster than driving (OK, riding, I sometimes carpooled).

    "I am Joe's raging bile duct."

    by Floja Roja on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 07:53:48 PM PST

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    •  BART is Great If You Live 10 Minutes From Station (none)
      If you have to catch a 30 minutes bus ride from home to BART, then a 30 minute transbay trip, then a 30 minute bus ride to work, you could have made a 45 minute car trip to do the same thing. Public transit is for people for whom time is not money.

      Bush is the first President to admit to an impeachable offense. - John Dean

      by easong on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 08:58:51 PM PST

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