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  •  Yep, it is an older suburb (none)
    But we live on a macaroni corner, it is literally  a 180 degree angle.  No one speeds here, otherwise you end up in my next door neighbor's living room.

    Our neighborhood is an older ring suburb but fortunately very affluent and the busybodies here uphold the standard of life i.e. they call in every possible infraction according to their standards.  But it is a good thing.  NO noise or swearing or aggressive ANYTHING is tolerated, lest it be hotlined and the police here DO confiscate offending sound systems and arrest and fine loud, obnoxious people simply for being so.

    Plus,  kids' misbehaviour here gets you ostracized.  Your younger kids are no longer included in play dates or parties.  It is just uncomfortable to be on the outs here in evil suburbia!  

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