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  •  That may be (none)
    true as a general matter, but that "evidence" is silly.
    •  Yet another... (none) line comment devoid of any value.  If you think the 'evidence' is silly, then ENGAGE!  Try arguing WHY it is silly.  Give us a detailed and thorough look at what makes you believe this.  Where are you coming from?  What makes you tick?  Why is it silly to look at this memo and take it at face value?

      It is obvious that you don't much like everyone reading this memo and then criticizing Alito.  Are you friends with him?  Do you have sympathy for his positions?  Are you hoping he'll overturn Roe and don't want to see anything that makes that less likely?

      Please, if you are a Republican and wish to come here and talk with Democrats: GIVE US SOMETHING!  Give us a piece of your mind.  A snapshot into what you really think and WHY you think it.

      If you can't take the time and effort to compose yourself and your thoughts... then again, why are you coming here?  Just answer that one.

      "... the Republicans have fucked reality so hard they need a physics professor to straighten them out." -- hamletta

      by manyoso on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 01:35:23 PM PST

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