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  •  ephemeral rights and unseen penumbra (none)
    As much as I appreciate your intelligent design approach to constitutional law (much more interesting than the previous "creationist" incarnation), this whole "original intent" fiction has about as much foundation in law as trickle down has in economic circles (and is about as deceptive as "death tax" and "pro life").

    Your language isnt even nuanced enough to make the basic Scalia argument that there is no right to privacy in our constitution, you cut and paste a few words from findlaw and think you have an opinion.

    Just say you are anti-choice, believe that there is no constitutional right to an abortion, Roe was decided incorrectly, and move along, because the rest of your words does your side no favors.

    •  here I said it (none)
      I believe Roe was decided incorrectly and there is no constitutional right to abortion.  i do believe in legalized abortion though.
      •  Nice! (none)
        Now if only Scalito is as honest as you, we can move onto our next SCOTUS nominee.

        My only fear is that Scalito will not be as honest as you, will feel uncomfortable telling America his true thoughts about Roe and constitutionally protected abortion, will hide like a turtle in a shell (much to the chagrin of the Coulters and Dobsons and others of their ilk who thought that they were allowed to come out from under their rocks and stop hiding), and America will be stuck with another Scalia neanderthal (with the accompanying backsteps in women's rights, minority's rights, civil rights, worker's rights, etc. etc.)

        But drgrishka1, with your ability to shine the light of truth on your opinions, perhaps there is hope that Scalito will do the same.  Hope is a powerful thing...

      •  Looking at the (none)
        entirety of your comments, it appears you would  support a version of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) that included a right to choose, since your argument against abortion as a constitutional right is based on the fact that there isn't a specific amendment (like the 19th, for example).


        Happy New Year, Impeach Bush

        by coigue on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 07:05:15 PM PST

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