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  •  I see your point. (none)
    ...and I won't fall into the trap of thinking that no liberal judge with a liberal President in wartime would not make that leap. It's always a danger.

    In fact...emergent can also change meaning.

    But in reality, that's not what we mean by calling the constitution a living document. It's about the SCOTUS being part of the process. Precedent, Stare decisis, building a case slowly and conservatively. Scotus does that and needs to do that. But I emphasise slowly, with precedent.

    Scalia wants time to stop, for us to remain culturally as we were when the constitution was ratified ...and some have argued that original intent is more manipulatable than the Constitution as written.

    Happy New Year, Impeach Bush

    by coigue on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 09:54:16 PM PST

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