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  •  Make them choose... (none)
    between political loyalty to Bush, and their political hide.  

    The Democrats should interrogate the hell out of Alito in thier hearings, make him explain every fucked up thing he ever wrote, then filibuster the hell out of him.  In short, Bork the fuck out of him.  Then filibuster him, and DARE Frist to go nuclear.  

    By dragging it into the spotlight, and exposing his radical views to the nation, Alito's polling will plummet further.  And the American public will be alerted to the dictatorial bill of goods that Bushco is trying to push through here.

    The Repugs can support Bush if they like, and push Alito into the Court.  But I'll bet they don't if they see both Alito's and Bush's poll numbers heading south.  And if they're stupid enough to do it, we'll make 'em pay come November.

    This game is now highly winnable for the Democrats.  My bet is that Harry Reid is licking his lips as we speak.

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