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  •  Smell the Weakness (none)
    Now riddle me this-- how is it that a Republican president can't get a Republican-controlled congress to approve his nominations to this many agencies?

    How is it that he's forced to sneak behind the Senate's back to fill routine agency seats?

    Looks like a weak, weak hand.

    Anyone see a pattern here? Here's another: The White House wanted a guest worker bill and a/c to the LA Times, the bill that has been introduced essentially tells Bush to pound sand.
    "GOP Bill Ignores Bush's Guest-Worker Plan
    # A House immigration proposal would tighten security and increase penalties, but leaves out a program the president has repeatedly called for.
    January 4, 2006"

    While that legislation is itself as offensive as the wall Bush is building along the border, it is also an indication of how weak is the Bush/Rove hand. They can't control their own party.

    •  The Imperial President (none)
       It could indeed be weakness, but it may also be yet another example of how King George feels it to be beneath him to consult with the Hill at all.
        These are not mutually exclusive theories, of course, but it seems to me that several of these appointments were unlikely to meet any resistence in Congress, such as the elevation of Gordon England from Acting Deputy Secretary to Deputy Secretary.
        He might have a weak hand today, but even if he does not, he may be using today to expand his powers so he can overplay really weak ones after November.

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