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View Diary: Anti-Gay Baptist Leader Arrested for Soliciting Gay Sex (504 comments)

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  •  from what? (4.00)
    their pictures? i'm just curious. i'm a gay maleand I've got relatively accurate gaydar (even the most accurate gaydar can't pick a lot of us up at all anyway). i'm not being 'sensitive' or anything. i just wanna know what made your gaydar 'go off violently' when you saw their pictures. Maybe it's because they're babtist ministers? Had this been the University of Minnesota's professor list or the National Institute of Health's top scientists rather than a list of ministers, would that have made you look at them differently? Once again, please don't read what I'm saying here with any sort of belligerent tone. Sure, I guess I get prematurely frustrated with such comments. But maybe that's why I just want to know what looks gay about these guys. Personally the only thing that 'went off violently' with these picturs is a sense of good photography. Necks missing. Corners of faces missing. Are they trying to be artsy? I think they missed...
    •  yew kin jus Tale! (none)

      No really, onceI saw the pic I just saw this dude who was so NOT a baptist. He actually looks like a friend of mine who, shall we say, plays the whole field.

      Yeah yeah, I really don't have gaydar, I just pretend to when I know I am right...

      •  actually no i don't know what you're saying (none)
        i don't see how any of them 'look gay' from these oddly cropped photographs. do they 'look' like they lisp, or have limp wrists, or are flamey? to me they 'look' like any other guys. i don't get any impression what their sexual preference is from these pictures. maybe i missed something.

        some of the 'gayest' guys i know are straight and comfortably so. some of the 'straightest' guys i know are gay and comfortably so. (the single quotes represent what stereotypes lead people to believe). it never gets assumed that i'm gay yet i am. for my friend C__, it rarely is assumed that he's straight, yet he is. so, you know, i'm still curious how this all, you know... works.

        •  om (none)
          g my gaydar just exploded
        •  'sexual preference'? (none)
          "sexual preference" is the language of those who run 'exodus' programs that try to 'turn gays straight' through treatment and jesus...

          i prefer earl grey tea with a dash of milk.
          i prefer steak medium well.
          i prefer polartec fleece to wool.

          my sexual orientation isn't a matter of preference.

          otherwise, i take your excellent point.

          •  language slip (none)
            i am gay. that is my sexual orientation not my sexual preference. i slipped. i said sexual preference when i meant sexual orientation. my point got entirely missed. ah well. sorry for the slip up.
        •  those photos (none)
          Are oddly cropped...good observation!  Who the hell decided to chop off parts of people's heads and ears and stuff, yet leave blank background totally intact?  Weirdo's

          "Maybe you know something I don't know." -- G Dub (-4.38,-3.03)

          by don the tin foil on Thu Jan 05, 2006 at 06:37:18 AM PST

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          •  its because hard-rightwingers (4.00)
            are visually and spatially challenged.  Think about it:

            How many truly gifted and creative artists are produced by the wingnuttery...?

            I believe--with no hard evidence to support myself-- that there is an inversely proportional relationship between conservatism and aptitude for visual arts and music.

            Why don't conservatives seem to value these things as much as others?  I think it's because they truly DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM?

            Just a little theory I'm working on...

        •  I really have no clue (none)
          I mean, you know, I guess I could say I have the following:




          It's simply prejudice at the end of the day.

    •  They do all look kinda pithy (none)
      Like a soft carrot! I saw it too. Part of the reason is the fact that they are trying to NOT look gay. The good pastor looks like he's trying way too hard to look like a tough guy of some kind. They look like they are playing roles but their gayness is seeping out.
      Don't take this as anti-gay, I love gays, just not the ones that hate.

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