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View Diary: Anti-Gay Baptist Leader Arrested for Soliciting Gay Sex (504 comments)

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  •  I am not a gay man (none)
    but I am a woman and several of my very best friends and the only "soul mate" I ever had were gay men.  I am not offended, but I do think the remark is offensive both to gay mean and to women.
    •  can you honestly say (none)
      that this was the first time in your DKos experience that you encountered this particular form of joke?

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 10:41:03 PM PST

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      •  why is that relevent? (none)
        I speak up about sexism and homophobic remarks all the time.  Maybe I don't remark every single time I see such a what?
        I have to say that the person who was actually called on the remark has been more engaged in understanding the problem than you have. I find that suprising frankly as you always seem to be a pretty enlightened person to me.  Why not try to understand what Mitch, I and a few others are saying. There are not right wing loons here.  We are all basically on the same side of most issues.  So if people are saying that remark is offensive and here is why, maybe you should just take that at face value and stop defending the right of people to make careless offensive jokes.  Personally I never find the word bitch funny, or jokes about gay men being equated with women.
        •  it's relevant because (none)
          you're picking on this one person all of a sudden, for a joke that has been made SO OFTEN here on DKos that it's part of the orange wallpaper.  Did you ever notice it before?  Did you ever say anything about it before?  

          That's what's wrong about it.  That's why I called bullshit.

          As for "understanding the problem", I already said that I don't find this type of joke funny, and I was tired of it a long time ago.

          Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

          by hrh on Thu Jan 05, 2006 at 07:00:14 AM PST

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          •  if the original person (none)
            making the joke had just said "oh okay, didn't think of it that way" the whole discusion would not have taken place.  No one is getting picked on.
            Have I ever noticed that joke before and said something about it?  YES, and for that I get accused of being the PC police.  Well so be it then, I am the PC police.  It's clear that everyone but straight white guys need to STFU around here because God forbid you ever tell them their shit doesn't smell like Roses.
          •  Actually (none)
            Several of us regularly point out (subtly or grossly) misogynistic and homophobic language on DKos when we notice it.  It's a Sisyphean task, like shooing the cat off the counter, or tidying up after a sloppy partner.  
            •  don't tell ME about it (none)
              I've been doing that since I first came to DKos, which was quite a while before you did.

              The misogynistic remarks about Ann Coulter are what piss me off the most.  But I finally gave up on trying to consciousness-raise in that department.  Now I just tune them out.

              Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

              by hrh on Thu Jan 05, 2006 at 08:01:28 AM PST

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