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View Diary: Anti-Gay Baptist Leader Arrested for Soliciting Gay Sex (504 comments)

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  •  I have never understood... (none)
    ...the concept of "recruiting". A person would have to have at least a slight leaning towards their own sex if they were to experiment with  same-sex activity.

    I personally think most people who say they are bisexual are mainly homosexual but like to use bi as a cover. No harm in that, really. I find women very attractive and lovely but my emotional gears only function with men.

    But the notion that a gay man could convert a truly straight man to homosexuality is absurd.

    It is interesting that in surveys, gay men tend to say they are "born gay" and lesbians often say they "choose to be gay". However, the lesbians must have at least some attraction to other women to begin with. I think the choice is not one of orientation but of acting upon it. It is difficult to imagine a truly heterosexual woman waking up one morning and saying "I think I'll find a woman to have sex with today". Also, this may be simplistic, but I think the boundaries between emotional and physical attraction might be more blurred among women so that a woman might have a powerful emotional bond with a woman friend but not consider herself a lesbian.

    All of which boils done to the question I often think about: is sexual orientation an emotional or physical matter?

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