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  •  It Was Delegate John Cosgrove ... (none)
    who introduced the Fetal Death bill (see Maura's original post), but I wouldn't be surprised if Marshall signed onto that.

    That being said ... although the Virginia legislative process can drive onlookers nuts, I wouldn't expect any more to come of Marshall's bill than came of Cosgrove's. There have been worthy bills (which this isn't) that passed both houses with what looked like greased skids and then they got deep-sixed by last minute legislative maneuvers. And Kaine sure isn't going to sign it (thank god that Kilgore is out of the picture and can no longer use his political office as a pulpit). Legislators on both sides of the issue will be trying all sorts of ploys to kill/resurrect this bill, and I predict that it's outcome won't be settled until the session closes (as Marshall's certainly not going to consider withdrawing it like Cosgrove did--he's too much like Falwell and old Howling Henry Howell ... don't mind me, as a native Virginian, my political memory goes way back.)

    My area used to be part of Marshall's home district, but thankfully his district shifted to the westward end of Prince William County. Seems like those voters keep voting against their own best interests (not that I trust McQuigg that much ... but I think she's less likely to buck the opposition).

    "Not to anticipate unanticipated consequences is a dangerous thing to do." [Ambassador Joseph Wilson to Bill Moyers, Feb. 28, 2003]

    by Robert de Loxley on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 09:55:49 PM PST

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    •  odds (none)
      I too doubt that much will come of it.

      But that this kind of crap sees the light of day, in this country, in this time, that's horrifying.

    •  Yes, right. (none)
      I guess Marshall got mixed up in another aspect of Maura's work on the bill.

      And while this bill won't see the light of day on it's own, I think we should drag it out into the open.

      I have a particular interest in doing so, since up here to your north and west, we just:

      1. Defeated Dick Black in the Delegate race, and;
      2. Had our State Senator, Bill Mims, resign to become Deputy Attorney General, leaving a vacancy that's being pursued by Dick Black's son-in-law, Mick Staton.

      I'd like to know where Staton stands on the Marsahll bill, and on the issue behind the Cosgrove bill, while we're at it.

      Let him contest the special election in what is now David Poisson country based on his answers, I say.

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