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  •  Fear of terrorists, fear of liberals.... (4.00)
    fear of gays, fear of the judiciary, fear of the media, fear of hollywood, fear of techers, fear of unions, fear of "Happy Holidays", you name it they fear it...

    All created in their heads, little green monsters hiding in the closet from their childhood have manifested into a fear of society at large...

    •  Not as brave as their parents (4.00)
      It's not just Patrick Henry.  In the '50s the Right Wing's slogan was similarly "better dead than Red", in contrast to liberals, who supposedly believed it was better to be red than dead if the Cold War ever got hot.  

      How ironic that their children should now think it is better to give up their liberty than risk death.  Just one more example that conservatism isn't what it used to be.

      "False language, evil in itself, infects the soul with evil." ----Socrates

      by Mimikatz on Thu Jan 05, 2006 at 10:01:20 AM PST

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    •  Fear is a lot simpler to use (4.00) a tool to grab and keep power than being a leader who can inspire citizens to action based on the strength of ideas and the dream of a better tomorrow.

      It's number-one in the lazy politicians' toolkit, especially if there's not much else in that toolkit to draw on.

      It's not easy to counter fear once it takes hold, but it's possible. However, you don't do it by numbingly rational arguments from technocrats, and you don't do it by checking which way the wind is blowing (did someone say John Kerry?)

      You do it by having better ideas, you do it by appealing to people's better nature in an exciting way. You do it by the force of your convictions and the force of your personality, and you do it with stirring words and charisma.

      Honestly, I think kos is doing this in the blogosphere. But we also desperately need some political leaders to step up to the plate now and do it on the political stage.

      Election 2006 awaits us....

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