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  •  Fear and repetition (4.00)
    is pretty much the whole act of these bullies. It works disgustingly well from a majority position, as most people sadly like being on the winning side. But once exposed, bullies are rarely able to cower the same audience twice.

    Their naked fear is a real achillies heel. If they're so tough and liberals are so afraid, how come they're the ones that need boundless and endless protection at the cost of everything and anything else?

    Terrorism isn't new. Nuclear weapons aren't new. Maniacs with no moral limits aren't new.

    Stop cowering and accomodate to the real world already.

    •  Be afraid (4.00)
      [cross-posting this comment I  posted over there]

      "Fear" plays so well because it is the dominant theme of our national discourse - even apart from the international "war on terror".

      Marketing and media folks used to appeal to sex appeal, humor, and conformity -- but the fears they used to use were fears of social embarassment (bad breath, poor education, etc.). But now the dominant theme is fear -- that your car will crash, that your house will be broken into, that you won't be able to get it up, that you won't have enough money to retire on. Just compare the ads of today to those of just 15 years ago.

      And the dominant theme of news media is also "be afraid." It is always served up as how west Nile can kill you, how your kids are engaging in risky behavior, how carjacking is on the rise, how a young white woman can disappear. The same is true of weather. Weather used to be -- "high of 55, low of 40, chance of rain". Now it's wind chills, and temperature indexes, and video footage of thunderstorms from elsewhere, and when it's hot there are big warnings not to go outside and to use a lot of air conditioning, and to not exercise or breath the air. And when its cold it's icy, slippery, hazardous, cancel school, lay in a supply of milk and bread.

      Fear is the milieu of discourse...
      But it is fundamentally not what America was ever about.... America was always about hope.

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