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  •  Countryclub tough guys (3.66)
    I just sent the following to Newsweek. I hope this says something discernable to the "Countryclub Tough Guys"

    If, as President Bush proclaims, there is inherent presidential power derived from the Constitution and the Congressional Authorization to have unwarranted NSA wiretaps, I do not think the president has gone far enough.

    The President is supposedly listening to al Qaeda sympathizers or sleeper cells here in the United States.  He professes that he is doing this to keep us safe. Now if he was sincere about his powers and his wish to keep us safe, he would immediately go to those suspicious Americans and confiscate their guns. Surely that inherent power would also include the power to disarm threats in the US.  For example, we all remember the Beslan tragedy and the US school shootings. These supposed American terrorists, legally armed, can go into a US school and destroy many of our children.

    However, our President, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, will not take this immediate prophylactic action to protect us. I think in his eyes the Bill of Rights have differing values. To President Bush the Second Amendment is very important, the Fourth, Fifth, First, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments are just annoying. I find Mr. Bush's decision to eavesdrop without court order more a political statement than a presidential act of protection.  

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