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  •  Right on Brother (none)
    And I echo the sentiment.

    But you are just a little weak on the history of American political parties. Democrats did not exist as such when the Constitution was written and Jefferson was never a Republican in the sense you suggest. The Republican Party did not even exist in his lifetime.

    You have your priorities right anyway.

    (What would the blogosphere be without pedantry)

    •  That's what I get for being terse (none)
      Jefferson, the author of the Declaration, ended up being a founding father of the Democratic Republicans (they were even called the Jeffersonian Democrats I believe), the forerunner to today's Democratic Party.  Jefferson, however, was also an important father of American liberal political thought and his words definitely inspired the early Republican Party as it fought slavery (which was done for purely economic reasons as well, blah blah blah) - so in that sense Jefferson's ideals ended up being those that informed the "Party of Lincoln" while Democrats stood with its agrarian roots and the South.  Today, of course, the Democrats are again the liberal party while the Republicans spew hate.  In my lifetime this status will not change :)

      Hope that clears it up :)

      Actually this brings up an important point.  I don't think many people in the Democratic Party realise the heritage of the party.  It definitely saw dark days when it was on the wrong side of history during the antebellum/Civil War/Reconstruction days, but especially since saving the country from the Depression and before the slave compromises of the mid 19th century Democrats have been the majority of what was and is right with the country.  I guess that's why I've always been such a sucker for 'loud and proud liberal' arguments - we have a sensational foundation from which to make our arguments, we should really learn to leverage it better.

      •  Chronology is important (none)
        Certainly you can see the back and forth tugs that would result in the Federalist/Whig vs Democratic Party split in the course of the writing of the Constitution, but to the unaware your original post gave too much weight to those of us who ended up in the party of Jefferson & Jackson. The strength of the Constitution is that ultimately (after the adoption of the Bill of Rights) there was a good balance between the rights of People and Property.

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