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  •  An excellent question. (4.00)
    Here's my question:
    If leaking these activities to the Times was such a threat to national security, and the White House new about the leaks a year ago when they convinced the Times to hold back, why wasn't there an investigation initiated a year ago when this so-called national security threat was revealed?
    •  Bush says they stopped 2 plots (none)
      this question is important b/c they are trying to spread a whisper campaign that the illegal spying worked & stopped 2 major attacks.

      However, as the link states, congressional sources familiar with the investigations question that the spying did so.

      They & other security experts who wanted to remain anonymous point out that it takes a lot of data & sources to build the case to stop an attack.

      Any lawyer & investigator can tell you that any case requires digging & multiple sources.

      Atrios' quesion is important b/c they are trying to justify the spying by saying it worked.

      that's them just covering their ass.

    •  Possible explanation (none)
      A couple possible answers:

      1. They didn't want to launch a DOJ investigation at the time for fear it would spread knowledge of it and increase the chance of the information getting into the wild sooner.  That's a critical point for them given that it would have been coming out around the time of the election.  If they just let the NYT sit on it for a year it doesn't hurt them all that much.

      2. They aren't really concerned about the specific leaker as they'd likely be protected by whistle blower statues anyhow.  However, by making a big deal about hunting down the leaker, it may make other people who would consider leaking more fearful.  

      There isn't any plausible national security issue here, it's all about politics and CYA.  An operative would have to assume that their conversations were always monitored, whether they were or not.  If you want an operation to remain secret you have to be hella paranoid and assume that all communications channels can be monitored in some fashion.  

      --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

      by sterno on Thu Jan 05, 2006 at 11:36:23 AM PST

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