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View Diary: JPEN: The military is using NSA intercepts to spy on Americans (228 comments)

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  •  Incompetence as smoke and mirrors... (4.00)
    Incompetence is a 2fer for these jokers.

    First, it provides total cover and allows for unmitigated waste and corruption...

    ...think Iraq war.

    Second, it increases people's mistrust of our current structure of government.

    These jokers are doing planned incompetence...and doing it well.

    9/ is all the same gameplan.

    With 9/11, the planned incompetence is so outlandish, it is surprising that the American people bought it.  The Payne Stewart plane example is just one of many that demonstrate the effectiveness of NORAD, a capacity which was built up over 50 years and at an expense of trillions of dollars.

    Winners from 9/11: George W. Bush and a whole ream of military and homeland security contractors.

    With Iraq, the low number of troops initially used even though 10 years before the key players, including Powelll believed in overwhelming force, is the first example of planned incompetence.  The second is the rotating viceroys, none of whom were ever given a plan to execute.

    Winners from Iraq: George W. Bush and a whole slew of military contractors.

    With Katrina, "Brownie" is the most glaring example to date of the useful idiot.  He was setup.  Just think if Bush had been able to strongarm the governor and bring troops into Louisiana.  

    Winners from Katrina: unknown if any yet.

    •  One Katrina winner (none)
      They had mercenaries patrolling streets in America for the first time.

      Think about that. Not just our National Guard, but mercenaries.

      Blackwater, et al who our tax dollars have been paying to operate in Iraq.

      Now -- did you hear the hue and cry -- "Get these hired guns off the streets of America?" No.  

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