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  •  Hijacking Response (none)
    Pre 9/11, standard hijack-ing response might have been to track the plane but definately was not to even consider shooting it down.  Previous hijackings all had the hijackers announcing to the media they had control of the plane and hostages and then making some sort of demand.  The standard response was to avoid inciting the hijackers into killing hostages and buy time to figure out a rescue plan.

    On 9/11, the hijackers did not announce to the media they had control of plane.  Information that the plane was hijacked had to come from unofficial channels and it appears to me that all branches were throughly unprepared for such an incident.

    It certainly appears to me from reading excerpts of the 9/11 report that NORAD had no plan for an airplane that was a threat already being in US airspace.  While I find this to be gross incompetence on the part of the national defense establishment, it seems a lot more likely to me than NORAD intentionally diing nothing.

    Looking at the chronology put together by the 9/11 comission, it's not clear who would have ordered NORAD to do nothing.  Bush after his "My Pet Goat" incident spent the rest of the day flying around   like a scared little rabbit.  Intentionally doing nothing makes no sense either.  Can you imagine how much more "Strong Leader" spin we would have had to endure if Bush had managed to do something to thawrt one of the planes?  It would have been endless.

    It's hard to accept that $400+ billion defense budgets do not create a plan and infastructure to defend the country but it's really the only explanation that makes any sense.

    •  Standard highjacking (none)
      procedure also includes "interception" and certain graduated steps starting with signaling the wayward airplane to change course and follow the interceptor jet to land.  Nothing like that happened.  

      It wasn't till nearly one half hour after the FCC determined that the first plane wandered off course did jets get scrambled to intercept and by then it was way too late.  So where was the dog?  Why the hell didn't it bark?

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