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  •  Stumping a Religious Nut (4.00)
    I have a co-worker that is a religious fanatic who I have had run-ins with over ID and other issues.

    He was getting really peeved yesterday when his doctor refused to prescribe him Tamiflu. So I peeved him off more -

    Me: Why do you want Tamiflu?

    Him: Bird Flu!!

    Me: Bird Flu? You a bird?

    Him: No! But I don't want to catch it.

    Me: Well they only way you would catch it is if it evolved into a strain that humans can catch. So if you are scared of it, you must think that it will evolve.

    Him: Uh, well, no.

    Me: Then why are you worried. Maybe this is God's way of killing of a few people. Then if you are taking that you are fighting God's will unless you are one of the chosen one.

    Him: Uh, um....Go to Hell Aaron!!!

    Me: I'll save you a spot.

    •  Priceless. (4.00)
      "I don't believe in evolution, but I'm terrified that bird flu will evolve into something that will kill me."  As always, conservatives' "rock-ribbed" beliefs give way to self-interest.  "I'll believe in evolution, I'll accept abortion, I'll anoint Hillary Clinton as Jesus Christ reborn, just don't let that big bad virus hurt me."

      Intellectual, moral, ethical, and physical cowards.

    •  Ha ha ha (none)
      That's so funny.
    •  I hate to bicker... (none)
      but you're confusing evolution with adaptation.  Evolution happens on an extremely long time scale relative to our lives.  Adaptation is what the bird flu would do if it made the jump to being transmissible.
      •  That is incorrect (4.00)
        you're confusing evolution with adaptation.


        The bird flu example is one of a viral population acquiring a new, heritable attribute. That is evolution.

        You're the one messing up the terminology. Adaptation has multiple meanings; when it refers to a population changing its genetic constitution to accommodate to its environment, that is still a subset of evolution. You're trying to coopt the physiological meaning of adaptation, which is a change in an individual to meet local conditions (for instance, when people move to higher elevations, their red blood cell count increases), which is not an evolutionary change, and claim that the genetic variations in the flu virus are equivalent.

        They are not.

        •  Damn!! (none)
          Backed up by the interviewee of the posting!! I am honored.

          Keep Kicked Butt Dr. Myers!!

        •  now now Doctor... (none)
          ...don't you know it's gauche to come on and read what other people are saying about you?

          Just kidding.  I'm glad to see your input!  I hope to hear more from you from time to time.

          I've often wondered at the hostility that creationists have with evolution.  Evolution doesn't disprove the concept of God at all.  It just doesn't assume God is going to approach the creation of life like we might approach the creation of a table (get your plans, gather materials, put them together and  Creating a person by blowing in a pile of dirt?  what?  It puts horrible limitations on something (God) that by nature should be infinite.

          Someone here once compared the concept of Intellegent Design with a very early explaination (I forget by whom...I'm no physicist) of why the planets orbit the sun and don't go spinning out into space because the hand of God manually pushes planets into a circular orbit.  The idea that something is too complex to be explained and therefore must be attributed to manual, divine intervention is ridiculous.  Are we really back to the time where we blame Zeus for people getting struck by lightning?  We only understand lightning and gravity and the nature of the planets NOW because people were willing to look beyond God to understand the true nature of these phenomenon.  And yes we don't have an answer for everything but that doesn't mean we should just throw up our hand and say it must be God.

          The answers are out there but we'll never find them if no one asks the questions.

          I can't wait til they start making us wear armbands.

          by DawnG on Fri Jan 06, 2006 at 03:21:50 PM PST

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      •  anybody else find it odd (none)
        that jwalther has a reletively low user id but only a single comment(this one) amnd no diaries in his profile ?

        O'BRIEN: What if Jesus got this card? Would he be angry about it? He's be OK with it, wouldn't he? DONOHUE: Well, maybe he would, but I've never met him

        by PoliMorf on Fri Jan 06, 2006 at 08:51:46 AM PST

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        •  He/She is not the only one (none)
          I've found at least one more new old user on this thread.  Very strange.  

          "I'm not interested in that same liberal claptrap. That meow, meow, meow, ironic detachment." -- Stephen Colbert

          by SneakySnu on Fri Jan 06, 2006 at 09:32:08 AM PST

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          •  I think that (none)
            many older comments were lost a few months ago (I know many of mine have been).  My guess would be that some users have not commented much recently, and when you look for their comments you only see a couple left since the older ones disappeared.
        •  No (none)
          There's a lot of us out here that come several times a day and just read everything that we are interested in.  I don't comment a lot because I am shy, and like to avoid confrontation.  I am not real tech saavy so I don't do diaries either.  Other people probably have different reasons for not posting.

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